LTL, truckload delivery

Same Day Delivery

Same day LTL and truckload service

When time is what matters most, we dispatch our vehicles throughout our service area, on a direct basis. We have one level of service available for your emergency requirements... we call it get it there now!

Van, straight truck or tractor trailer, our experienced dispatchers and drivers know what “critical shipment” means. We tell you when we can pick it up, when we can deliver it and what it will cost. If for budget reasons you decide to defer it to an overnight delivery, we can do that too.

We serve the GTA and surrounding areas

We go where you need us and work to your exact schedules and requirements. To add value for our clients, we coordinate shipments outside our “sweet spot” through long-standing partnerships with like-minded companies.

It’s all in a day’s work at Morton Logistics

Unusual shapes and sizes, skids, packages or truckloads, we see it and do it all. The more attention your same day shipment needs, the better fit we are for your company. We have customers that go back to our beginnings and appreciate the loyalty they extend to us in exchange for quality LTL and truckload service. We may have numbers on our trucks but we identify our customers by first names and familiar voices.