Overnight truckload shipping

Overnight Truckload and LTL

We’re known for trucking and for service

Trucking hasn’t really changed much over its 100 year history. You load the trucks, drive them to the point of delivery, unload them and do it all over again. What has changed is everything around the process of trucking. Advancements like automated dispatch, GPS positioning, real-time visibility, track and trace, EDI, online reporting, RFD scanning, logistics equipped trailers, fuel-saving technology… the list goes on.

Sometimes processes can become hurdles

At Morton Logistics, we incorporate what we need to serve our customers properly. Nothing more, nothing less. You can call us hands on or even old school but if you want your shipment to move within our core service area (east of Oshawa, as far north as Barrie, as far west as Woodstock and as far south as Niagara) you can trust us to get the job done… end of story.

We always put operating safely and serving our customers in a tie for first

We have a responsibility to our people, our customers and the highways we run, to operate safely and to exacting schedules. We take pride in our equipment, old and new and ensure it’s always well maintained and in top shape. It needs to be in order to keep our people safe and our clients’ shipments secure and on schedule. We truck your LTL and truckload shipments on an overnight basis throughout our service area. We perform but never take chances with the lives and cargo in our care.