Freight Management

Freight Management

More trucking capacity to more places

One of the reasons we did a slight modification to our name and brand, was to better reflect the services we offer our customers today. Freight management, also known as freight brokerage, 3PL and logistics, is a growing aspect of our business. It allows us to do two things – take advantage of our trusted network of partner carriers and better serve our customers in the process.

Domestic LTL is our core logistics service

Our freight management offering was brought into play as a result of listening and responding to our customers’ request. “You’re delivering that shipment to Hamilton. Can you look after that skid to Halifax and Vancouver?” The answer was yes. We’re set up to manage those additional requirements and it makes it easier for our clients to rely on us for their additional needs.

We’re already at your shipping door, why not?

We truck all kinds of shipments to and from destinations far and wide. We find the hybrid approach of operating our own fleet and utilizing non asset-based resources works best. We offer greater flexibility with price and transit times, increased coverage and capacity and a more all-encompassing solution that reduces the carriers our clients have to manage. Simple as that.