Consolidation and distribution

Consolidation and Distribution

We’re a small trucking firm with a big approach to service

Slow and steady growth has always been our objective. We do our best to stay ahead of our customers’ needs and don’t get ahead of ourselves in the process. We know our capabilities, what we’re best at and stick to that.

Acting as a destination terminal for the inbound logistics requirements of our customers is one of our strengths and a growing specialty. Our customers requiring this service don’t have their own bricks and mortar in the GTA. They have both LTL and truckload shipments coming in from various Canadian and USA origins. They also have a need to re-distribute those shipments to their client base within the GTA and surrounding areas.

We’re more service-centric than sophisticated

Our owners are still in the front lines of our sales and operations. They know each account and their specific needs by memory. Late night pickups, appointment deliveries, protect from freezing and the distribution requirements specific to each account and their customers.

We are at a size that we can manage our business in a personal fashion and we hope that never changes. We take action when action is required. We turn on a dime when it’s needed. We are your trucking partner and in most cases, have developed close business relationships that turn clients into friendships. If you are looking for that kind of partnership, then you’re on the right website.